Jul 26, 2016

PDFsam basic makes merge & split pdf easier

PDFsam Basic it's free and open source software to split extract, rotate, and merge PDFs. As a multi-platform software PDFsam Basic run on Linux, Mac and Windows. So far PDFsam basic offer good "answer" and solutions for these questions: How to merge, split or mix pdf files on Linux (Ubuntu, Linux Mint etc), Mac OSX as well on Windows Operating System. In this post we will show you how to download, install and remove latest PDFsam basic (v3.1.0) on Ubuntu 16.04.1.
PDFsam Basic, a free, open source, multi-platform software will cover your PDFs manipulation related needs. Let's take a look closer PDFsam Basic features:
- Merge PDF, combine PDF files together.
- PDF Split, Split at predefined pages or Split specifying pages.
- Mix PDF, merge two PDF files taking pages alternately in straight or revers order.
- Rotate PDF, rotate PDF files to 90, 180 or 270 degrees.

PDFsam v3.1.0 which just last month (June, 2016).
Download PDFsam v3.1.0 from their official site Here.
direct link pdfsam-3.1.0*.deb for Linux Ubuntu/Debian based Here

The easy way to install PDFsam v3.1.0 (pdfsam-3.1.0*.deb file). right click on 'pdfsam-3.1.0*.deb' file then choose "Open With Software Install". This will install PDFsam v3.1.0 from Ubuntu Sofware Center. Enter your password when it prompted then wait until installation is complete.

Remove or Uninstall PDFsam v3.1.0 on Ubuntu PC.
- Open your Ubuntu Software Center.
- Search for PDFsam then select Remove.
- Enter your password when it prompted then wait until the current program is finished uninstalling.

These how to download latest PDFsam v3.1.0 - pdf merge software -, Install and remove it on Ubuntu PC. Visit their official site to get more detail how to split, merge or mix pdf files using PDFsam v3.1.0.

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PDFsam Homepage
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