Aug 26, 2016

Geos "Elementary theme" for Gnome desktop

Geos "Elementary theme" for Gnome desktop develop by sunkotora at deviantart. This gnome shell theme tutorial how to install gnome shell themes, change your desktop appearance make it look like Elemenary OS by installing Geos "Elementary theme" on your Gnome Desktop.
gnome shell theme tutorial Image: Geos theme by sunkotora@Deviantart

Check & Update Gnome Shell
Geos theme based on Elementary design work for both gnome shell 3.18 and gnome shell 3.20. So, we need to check our GNOME shell version to make sure our Gnome shell version compatible with Geos theme. this how to check Gnome shell version using commands:
gnome-shell --version
You will see version of Gnome shell you have, if your Gnome Shell version lower than 3.18 you need to update your Gnome shell to latest version (3.20). But, if you already have gnome shell 3.18 or gnome shell 3.20 installed you do not need to do update. here how to update Gnome Shell by adding "gnome3-team" PPA:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gnome3-team/gnome3
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

Download & Install Geos Gnome Shell Theme
Download Geo theme based on Elementary design for gnome shell 3.18 and gnome shell 3.20 from Deviantart Geos at Deviantart.

Next extract compressed file "", there are 2 folders named "Gnome shell 3.18" and "Gnome shell 3.20" select one which compatible with particular version of your Gnome shell. open and copy "Geos" folder into /usr/share/themes/ folder as administrator by running graphical commands as root, Read: how to running graphical commands as root on Ubuntu.

Set Geos Theme
- Open your Gnome tweak tool to set Geos "Elementary theme" for Gnome desktop.
- Go to the “Appearance” tab on "Shell Theme" select "Geos".
- Done.

We have found some beautiful Gnome shell themes posted in this blog and you might interested, like:
Material design ubuntu theme and icons

These tutorial how to check version of Gnome Shell, update Gnome shell and install Geos "Elementary theme" Gnome shell themes by copying theme into Gnome shell theme directory.


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