Sep 12, 2016

Meet Kaku, Youtube, Vimeo desktop music player app

Meet "kaku" Youtube, Vimeo desktop music player app, Nowadays open-source software development rapidly is rapidly growing, Kaku is an open-source (youtube, Vimeo etc) desktop music player for Linux, Mac OS and Windows could be an option in addition to the existing multimedia player. Now listen to music online directly from Youtube or Vimeo could be easier, No need youtube music downloader anymore.
Kaku, Youtube, Vimeo & Soundcloud desktop music player app for Linux, Mac OSX and Windows 7, 8, 10

Youtube video/Music player

Kaku is an online Youtube, Vimeo music player, This is not youtube music downloader, youtube mp3 converter or GooglePlay desktop music player. We can probably be say Kaku is youtube video or music player. Simply we can search music video and listen listen to any kinds of music from Youtube, Vimeo, Soundcloud etc. There are some usefull features which come with Kaku 1.7.0 like best audio or best video option for default track format, Import Youtube playlist, Backup you playlist to local hard drive or save playlist online to Dropbox.

What's New in Kaku Kaku

Kaku official site announces what's new in Kaku 1.7.0
1. Added Chomecast support, you can know cast video with chromecast.
2. Added Korean translation and Čeština translation.
3. Added Q&A Links.
4. Added the feature to keep played tracks in History panel.
5. Changed the way how shortcut works.
6. Automatically update core modules when bootup.
7. Several bugfixes.

Features & Options

Kaku youtube video music player has awesome features some of them we have mention above, Let's take a look closer another features:

- languanges
Currently kaku 1.7.0 supported languages : chinese, Cestina, Dutch, English, French, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spain and Turkey.
hope their developer added more languages soon.

- Top Ranking
We can set default top ranking in different country based on Youtube most popular video or music.

- Search option
Set default music search option to Youtube, Vimeo or Soundcloud.

- Search option
Set best audio or best video option for default track format.

there are anothers option we can set like enable desktop notification and enable always on top mode.

Download Kaku 1.7.0

Download Kaku 1.7.0 cross- platform (Linux, Mac OS, Windows) Online music player which supports different video portal like: YouTube, Vimeo and music portal like Soundcloud. Download latest release of Kaku Youtube desktop music player app from their official github page Download Kaku at Github. There are 32-bit or 64-bit version for Linux user. Download, extract and open "Kaku" application, Then you ready to use Kaku, Youtube desktop music player app on Linux Ubuntu, Linux Mint etc

These how to listen to online music from Youtube, Vimeo or Soundcloud using Kaku desktop app music player. Do not need to bother using Youtube downloader music mp3 or Youtube music downloader free. With Kaku Youtube desktop music player app for Linux, Mac and Windows listen to music is free, what do you think?


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