Jun 3, 2016

Install latest skype on linux ubuntu 16.04

This simple method to install latest Skype which it's not available from ubuntu software center. In this case i using Ubuntu 16.04 xenial xerus 64-bit, i think there is no much different to install it on Linux Mint.

1. using command:
- Open your terminal then do tis:
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install skype

2. using synaptic package manager
- Open your synaptic package manager then search Skype
- Right click and select 'Mark for Installation' ( see picture )
- Apply changes that's it is!. you should have Skype installed on your pc.

if Skype package did not appear on your synaptic package manager, then there is a little thing to do.
- Open your software and updater, navigate to other software then checked canonical partners
repeated step 1 or step 2 above.

next, to uninstall or remove Skype from your ubuntu 16.04 .
- Open synaptic package manager, search Skype
- Right click and select 'Mark for Removal' or 'Mark for Complete Removal' as you wish.
- Apply changes.



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