Jun 28, 2016

Install new MPV Player v0.18.0 on Ubuntu

MPV Player is an open-source and cross-platform media player software based on MPlayer/mplayer2, announced this new release MPV Player v0.18.0 is now available for all supported platforms, including all GNU/Linux distributions, and Of course available for our beloved Ubuntu and Linux Mint.

Before Install new MPV Player v0.18.0 on Ubuntu, Linux Mint 18 or other distro, let's take a look whats new and updated features in MPV Player v0.18.0., we noticed some MPV player commands has updated.

Install new MPV Player v0.18.0 on Ubuntu, Linux Mint
MPV Player v0.18.0 new feature :
- csputils: add SMPTE ST2084 support
- demux_mkv: support Matroska webvtt
- demux_playlist: read directories recursively
- stream_memory: add hex:// protocol
- vf_crop: support opaque hardware decoding formats
- vf_d3d11vpp: add a D3D11 video processor filter
- vo_opengl: D3D11VA + ANGLE interop
- vo_opengl: add an angle-es2 backend
- vo_opengl: angle: dynamically load ANGLE
- vo_opengl: d3d11egl: native NV12 sampling support
- vo_opengl: enable color management on GLES
- vo_opengl: implement HDR (SMPTE ST2084)
- vo_opengl: implement tone mapping algorithms
- vo_opengl: make PBOs work on GLES 3.x
- vo_opengl: support external user hooks, enhancing the flexibility of user shaders
- vo_opengl: vdpau interop without RGB conversion
- wayland: implement HIDPI support

Download and Installation
Download MPV player, cross-platform media player, not only for all GNU/Linux distributions, MPV player also available for Mac and Windows.

For Detail instruction please go to their official page here

Quick links :
Download MPV player deb package Download deb package
Download MPV player for Windows Windows builds by lachs0r
Download MPV player for Mac OS X builds by stolendata

Source :
mpv.io and mpv on github.



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