Jul 12, 2016

Download & Install latest Opera browser on Ubuntu

The Opera browser brings you more speed, more discoveries and more safety on the web, Opera is a web browser developed by Opera Software. The latest version of Opera browser is available for download for Linux operating systems (Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Linux Mint ect), Windows or Mac OSX. In this article we show you the easiset way to download, install and uninstall latest Opera browser on Ubuntu and Ubuntu derivatives.
Download Opera browser
Navigate to official Opera browser download page Here
direct link :
Deb package Download opera deb package
RPM package Download opera RPM package

Install Opera browser
Install latest Opera browser on Ubuntu and Ubuntu derivatives:
- navigate to your downloaded deb file, right click and Open With Software Install . to install Opera browser using ubuntu software center.
- Install.
- Done, latest Opera browser should be installed on your Ubuntu machine and ready to use.

uninstall Opera browser
- Open ubuntu software center
- Search opera-stable, or navigate to Intsalled, click Opeara-stable. - Choose remove to uninstall Opera browser from your machine. - Done.

Google Chrome browser as another good and famous free web browser, see how to install latest stable Google Chrome browser on Ubuntu 16.04 Here



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