Aug 3, 2016

How to Enable/Disable WebGL for Google Chrome browser on Ubuntu

WebGL enables web content to perform interactive 3D graphics, rendering in an html canvas in a browser without the use of plug-ins. By default Google Chrome browser lock off WebGL, How to enable or disable WebGL for Google Chrome browser on Ubuntu or Linux Mint?.
How to enable WebGL for Google Chrome browser on Ubuntu
Today WebGL has been supported on the Android platform, Google has enabled a toggle inside Chrome browser that will now render graphics, animations and games. Back to the topic how to enable or disable WebGL feature in chrome browser.

These how to enable WebGL feature in Google chrome browser:
- Open your Google Chrome browser.
- Go to chrome://flags by type it on google chrome address bar and hit enter.
- search for "Override software rendering list", (See image, it is in the first line).
- Click "enable" (the blue text) to enable WebGL support.

Now check your Google chrome browser if your browser has support WebGL by typing chrome://gpu/. see the result, Ex:
Graphics Feature Status
  • Canvas: Hardware accelerated 
  • Flash: Hardware accelerated 
  • Flash Stage3D: Hardware accelerated
  • etc
Canvas: Hardware accelerated it's mean your WebGL for Google Chrome browser has set on (enable).Go to Chrome WebGL Experiments to test your hardware acceleration.

To disable WebGL in Google Chrome browser Go to chrome://flags under "Override software rendering list" click disable, that's it.


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