Aug 3, 2016

How to install Geekbench 3 on Ubuntu 16.04.1

How to install Geekbench 3 on Ubuntu 16.04.1 or Linux Mint. Geekbench 3 is a cross-platform processor benchmark to find out if your computer is up to speed with scoring system that separates single-core and multi-core performance. Let's find out how to download, installing and using Geekbench 3 on Linux Ubuntu 16.04.1 this method should be work on Linux Mint too.
Download Geekbench 3
As a cross-platform benchmark tool, Geekbench 3 benchmark your CPU performance under single and multi threaded. To benchmark your Ubuntu or Linux Mint cpu using Geekbench 3, Firts you need to download Geekbench 3 for Linux Here.

Benchmark your CPU
These how to use Geekbench 3 benchmark tool on Ubuntu or linux mint using command line.

- Open your terminal (ctrl + alt + t), open your 'download' folder where you save downloaded Geekbench 3 (Geekbench-3.4.1-Linux.tar.gz), ex:
cd ~/Downloads
- nexy, extract compressed files:
tar -zxvf Geekbench-3.4.1-Linux.tar.gz
- Run Geekbench 3 :
cd dist/Geekbench-3.4.1-Linux/
Now Geekbench will start gathering Ubuntu or Linux Mint system information then Uploading results to the Geekbench browser, at last you will see link associated with your system information to view your results online. These how to download and use Geekbench 3 on Ubuntu 16.04.1 or linux mint to benchmark your Linux cpu using command line.

It will benchmark your Linux cpu system information to view such as: get memory info, linux view cpu info, cpu core, number of cores, check cpu speed, memory size on Linux Ubuntu.


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