Aug 9, 2016

Easy tweaks to increase your Ubuntu laptop battery life

This post How to save battery life on Linux Ubuntu by make a little tweak in Ubuntu power management module without installing TLP power management tool for Linux. These how to extend laptop battery life on Ubuntu using Ubuntu power management module.

Let's make some tweaks on Ubuntu power management to extend laptop battery life.

Go to setting --> Hadrware --> Power to set necessary tweak.
1. Power Saving
- Reduce your Screen brightness. the brighter the screen, the more power is consumed.
- Turn on Dim screen when inactive.
- Set time delay for blank screen in.
- turn on/off unused service like bluetooth, mobile broadband and Wifi.

2 Suspend & Power button
use the "sleep" or "suspend" setting if your laptop doesn't behave when hibernating.
save battrey life ubuntu Gnome
These i call it easy tweaks to increase Ubuntu laptop battery life, cause it doesn't need to install additional tool or software moreover it's easy to configure. I satisfied enough with this basic tweak i could get almost 5 hours battery life. Next time we will discus TLP power management tool for Linux to keep laptop battery life longer


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