Aug 29, 2016

Why we choose linux over Windows

Why we choose linux over Windows -, Today Linux has increased the preferences of many home and business users due to its various benefits. But, still we hear A lot of people complain about Linux and get frustrated because they can't run certain software with it. They should open their browser and start searching what they need rather than just sit down, complain and show their frustrations.
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Linux as Open Source Operating system have a big communities that willing to tell them how to run this programs or that applications on Linux, then sometimes you can find there is a "lazy" word hidden behind "I can't run certain software with it".

This article does not intend to impose you use linux, this is only our opinion and possibly also the personal opinion of some people out there. Our intention is, if you are a computer user, why you do not seek or find out the latest information about the development of Linux or Windows operating system, With it at least you will know the information you need, difference between linux and windows operating system and then of course up to you to choose linux or windows.

Here some reasons why we choose linux over Windows in general like to do works (Office need), browsing and online activities:

1. Free & User friendly Operating System

You can download Linux of your choice for free, There are a huge Linux distributions out there which come with many flavours of desktop environments. You can start with user friendly Linux distribution, these some of best Linux distro for beginners : Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Manjaro, Chalet OS, Endless Os, Korora etc. They are frequently updated!.

2. Hardware Drivers support

Since most hardware is supported by Linux Kernel, in general Simply just plug and play to use our devices they could be installed by default.

You might find Graphic drivers or Wifi drivers problem like Amd drivers for Ubuntu 16.04 or newer, You can can use oibaf or paulo miguel dias repository as alternative "amd ubuntu drivers", i use the first option and it's run well on my laptop, use second option if you are AMD GPU users. Do not Avoid Ubuntu 16.04 LTS just because you are AMD user.

If you have some trouble with your Wifi drivers like no Wifi, Connection drop you can search for help in forum, Linux Mint, Ubuntu and other Linux distro have active forum and you can find help there. Do you have trouble with Wifi driver rtl8723be for Ubuntu or Linux Mint? read Another solution how to fix realtek rtl8723be wifi problems on Linux Mint

3. Open Source Software

Use latest OpenOffice, LibreOffice or another Office software for your work, It's free!. do you need pdf reader? read : 4 Best PDF readers/viewer for Linux Ubuntu. Are you web designer?, use Cross-platform web development HTML editor, there are also CAD or graphic design software you can use for free.

4. Performance & Stability

Today, Linux systems usually run a lot faster in booting, shut down, more stable. I am using Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and Linux Mint 18 "Sarah". The only problem is realtek rtl8723be show no Wifi its fixed. read Install Realtek RTL8723BE PCIe Wireless driver On Ubuntu and Linux Mint. For everyday use i haven't found any serious performance & stability problems.

The only Cons i found. I can not run serious game in Linux which i can run in Windows as advantage of Windows over Linux.

We must understand that the people use computers for different need and purposes. Thus, Pros and Cons using Windows or Linux of course depends on your need. We do not force you to use any of operating system, These just the reason why we choose Linux over Windows.


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