Sep 17, 2016

Deepin 15.3 Elegantly designed & User friendly Linux Distro

Deepin 15.3 Elegantly designed & User friendly Linux Distro. -, Linux Deepin 15.3 which just released few days ago well-known for their unique, elegant and common desktop environment ( Deepin desktop environment ) as their own desktop environment originally created for the Linux Deepin distribution. In this post you will find Deepin Linux system requirements, Deepin 15.3 download links for both 64-bit and 32-bit live CDs and information regarding Deepin 15.3 new features.

Download Linux Deepin 15.3- Deepin-wiki-forum-links - Deepin 15.3 Elegantly designed & User friendly Linux Distro
Deepin Linux OS is the first localization distribution based on Debian in China. Formerly known as Hiweed Linux in 2004. In 2008, Hiweed Linux was renamed to deepin and got business investment in 2011 to build a team focusing on desktop Linux distribution. Since 2011 Wuhan Deepin Technology co. ltd become commercial company focused on the R&D; and service of Linux-based domestic operating system.

More then three months Deepin 15.3 has been developed. This easy Linux distribution for beginner ( User friendly linux distribution list) finally release still with thier unique-elegant design as one of the most good looking Linux Distro come with a lot new features like : Deepin File Manager, Deepin Image Viewer, new Deepin Terminal and other Deepin applications by default to enrich the whole ecosystem and bugs fixed in Control Center, Desktop, Launcher, Lock Screen and Logger, Application and System Update etc .

Deepin 15.3 What's New

New & Customizable Dock
- Combined power plugin and shutdown button.
- Optimized network, sound, mounting and other plugins.
- Optimized system tray management.
- Custom adjustment dock location: on top, bottom, left and right.
- Custom adjustment ison size: icon to large, medium and small size.

Realtime Wallpaper
Deepin 15.3 brings new real-time wallpapers preview. as another Linux Distro it could be quickly set wallpaper for desktop and lock screen.

System update
Deepin 15.3 brings More datail and efficient system update log in system information.

Added application icon theme.
Added navigation shortcuts for Emacs style.
Optimized animation of category text.

Deepin Terminal
Deepin 15.3 bring new Deepin Terminal 2.0 .
Others New Features
Deepin Image Viewer, Deepin Calendar fully optimized to bring the best experience .

Bugs Fixed

As we mention above, Deepin 15.3 brings a lot bug fixed, here the detail bugs fixed:
  • Control Center

    Fixed the issue in display module that double-screen switching is invalid occasionally.
    Fixed the issue in display module that contents on desktop misplaced after switching double screens several times.
    Fixed the issue in network module that new users are required to identify when logging in to use network.
    Fixed the issue in sound module that sound play can not be switched to HDMI external device manually.
    Fixed the issue in date and time module that unable to add time zone occasionally.
    Fixed the issue in keyboard and language module that the setting of repeat delay is invalid after rebooted.
    Fixed the issue in boot menu that the resolution of boot menu is very low after installed the system and rebooted.
    Fixed the issue that Keyring unlock dialog always popped up.

  • Desktop

    Fixed the issue that desktop files can not be selected and dragged occasionally.
    Fixed the issue that new templates can not be used when entering the system in the first time.
    Fixed the issue that desktop file location is reset after rebooting.
    Fixed the issue that unable to identify the icon sending to desktop from launcher.

  • Launcher

    Fixed the issue that incomplete display in low resolution.
    Fixed the issue that mouse can not scroll in blank area.

  • Lock Screen and Logger

    Fixed the issue that unable to switch keyboard layout.
    Fixed the issue that multiple users can not be displayed fully.
    Fixed the issue that session often can not be displayed fully.

  • Application and System Update

    Fixed the issue that download/update progress is always zero.
    Fixed the issue that auto check update function is invalid.
    Fixed the issue that the prompt of updates still exist occasionally after the system updated.

Download Deepin 15.3

Download Linux Deepin 15.3 both 64bit and 32-bit live CDs are available from from their official site Download Deepin 15.3 or Download Mirror

Linux Deepin system requirements:
Intel Pentium IV 2.0GHz.
512MB RAM.
5GB Harddisk space.

Intel Core 2 Duo.
20GB Harddisk space.

Useful Links and Source

Deepin linux wiki Download Mirror
Deepin linux forum Download Mirror

These short reviews of Deepin 15.3, download links, information regarding Deepin 15.3 new features and bugs fixed. hope this useful and please share..


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