Sep 20, 2016

Zorin OS 12 beta introduces new Zorin Desktop 2.0

Zorin OS 12 beta come with new Zorin Desktop 2.0 - Zorin OS is one of most user friendly distributions especially for those who are already familiar with the Windows operating system, Zorin OS has a design which resembles appearance of Windows making it easier for new Linux users to adapt. Things like this that make the reputation of Zorin OS is increasing, especially among new Linux users who want to migrate from Windows to Linux.
Zorin 12 Beta Release

Based on Linux Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Zorin OS 12 beta based on Linux Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. When Ubuntu 16.04 was released some Ubuntu-based Linux distribution have compatibility issues with Software app. Ubuntu developers and community have been fixing a large number of these bugs in software updates over in the past several months. Now upcoming Zorin OS 12 based on Linux Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

Powered by Gnome Software

With Gnome Software browse, install and upgrade apps in Zorin OS 12 become faster.

Some features like Gnome Online Accounts to access and synced now available through Settings to log into your Google account. read Synchronize Google drive on Ubuntu Gnome desktop to browse your Google Drive files from the file browser or view your synced Google Photos in the Photos app.

Zorin Desktop 2.0 is powered by Gnome Shell and packs an enormous variety of new features.

Design & Appearance

Zorin OS 12 using Paper 'mostly flat' icons pack this new icon theme will make Zorin Desktop look more modern.
Zorin Appearance feature to customize fonts, animations, window scaling etc
Zorin OS 12 come with both Zorin Look Changer and Zorin Theme Changer called Zorin Appearance this unique feature make easier to change the desktop layout to match that of Windows versions and Gnome 3. With Zorin Appearance you can set customize your fonts, animations, window scaling etc.

Download Zorin OS 12 beta

Zorin OS 12 is based on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, Powered by Linux Kernel version 4.4, Gnome Software, Paper icon pack etc will be will be supported with security updates until April 2021. For detail information visit their announcement regarding Zorin 12 beta.

Zorin OS 12 beta both 32bit and 64-bit are available for download from their official site Zorin OS

Please remember Beta is Beta... means for testing purpose, It is not recommend you install Beta version on preductions machines due to some potentially unstable software with some bugs and issues.


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