Jun 1, 2016

Linux icon font (webfont) for your web project

Today it is rare to see linux icon font, is not as easy as looking for a social media icon to implement on your web project. This one might help, Font-Linux by Lukas-W An icon font providing popular linux distro's logos for your web project.
Font-linux providing icons font for various linux distros, like : Arch Linux, CentOS , CoreOS, Debian, elementary OS , Fedora, FreeBSD, Gentoo, Linux Mint, Mageia, Mandriva, OpenSUSE, Red Hat, Slackware, Ubuntu.

To use the font, include assets/font-linux.css as well as the fonts in your project and use the CSS classes
 <link href="/assets/fontlinux.css" rel="stylesheet">  
or just link to their CDN
<link href="//cdn.rawgit.com/Lukas-W/font-linux/v0.5/assets/font-linux.css" rel="stylesheet">
Linux Distro CSS class Inclusion code
Arch Linux fl-archlinux <span class="fl-archlinux"></span>
CentOS fl-centos <span class="fl-centos"></span>
CoreOS fl-coreos <span class="fl-coreos"></span>
Debian fl-debian <span class="fl-debian"></span>
elementary OS fl-elementary <span class="fl-elementary"></span>
Fedora fl-fedora[-inverse] <span class="fl-fedora"></span>
FreeBSD fl-freebsd <span class="fl-freebsd"></span>
Gentoo fl-gentoo <span class="fl-gentoo"></span>
Linux Mint fl-linuxmint[-inverse] <span class="fl-linuxmint"></span>
Mageia fl-mageia <span class="fl-mageia"></span>
Mandriva fl-mandriva <span class="fl-mandriva"></span>
OpenSUSE fl-opensuse <span class="fl-opensuse"></span>
Red Hat fl-redhat <span class="fl-redhat"></span>
Slackware fl-slackware[-inverse] <span class="fl-slackware"></span>
Ubuntu fl-ubuntu[-inverse] <span class="fl-ubuntu"></span>

example ubuntu font icon:

for detail info and download font-linux, visit font-linux by Lukas-W



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