Jul 22, 2016

Rename application name on Ubuntu or Linux Mint

Sometimes application name which is so long a bit disturbing you, in this article we show you how to rename application name on Ubuntu or Linux Mint. In Ubuntu Applications or programs have their .desktop extension files, like .exe files in windows operating system. when you open ex: GIMP and launcher shows the application's name as GIMP Image Editor. we well make a deal to rename "GIMP Image Editor" into just "GIMP" using ubuntu rename command.

how to rename application name on Ubuntu or Linux Mint
Step by step changing the name of an application on Ubuntu
For example we will change the name of "GIMP Image Editor" into just "GIMP"
we need gksu installed to open GIMP.desktop using gedit, GIMP.desktop using gedit.

If you don't have gksu installed, you can install gksu using this command or go to the next step if you have gksu already installed on your machine :
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install gksu

- Run command to open GIMP.desktop using gedit :
gksu gedit /usr/share/applications/gimp.desktop
enter your root password when you be prompted for a password.
example result :
[Desktop Entry]
Name=GIMP Image Editor
GenericName=Image Editor
Comment=Create images and edit photographs
Exec=gimp-2.8 %U
bla bla bla....
- See the Name=GIMP Image Editor line and change it to Name=GIMP.
- Save and close the file. then reload your shell or reboot.
- Done.

Now when we open GIMP the launcher shows the application's name as GIMP, not as Name=GIMP Image Editor anymore. That's all how to rename or changing name of application on Ubuntu or Linux Mint using gksu command, and how to install gksu if you don't installed gksu yet.



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