Sep 10, 2016

Download latest stable release of Elementary OS Loki 0.4

Download Download latest stable release of Elementary OS Loki 0.4 - Many Linux distributions nowadays are derivatives of a few ultimate parents: Debian, Fedora, Arch, Slackware, Ubuntu, openSUSE, and Gentoo. Elementary os Ubuntu-based has basic behaviour same as it's parent become well-known as one of user friendly Linux distribution. Now stable release of elementary OS Loki now available for download after beta released few months ago.
download elementary os loki stable 4 release

What's new on Elementary OS Loki

Elementary OS Loki come with a lot of new features and improvements over the past several months after beta released of Elementary OS Loki. stll remember how to Synchronize Google Drive on Ubuntu Gnome desktop?. In Loki there are Fastmail and IMAP email accounts are available to connect with your Online Accounts, Another online accounts like owncloud calendar does not support yet, it might under their development.


New Indicators
Loki come with brand new redesigned system indicators (Audio, Networks, Bluetooth, Power, Notification Center etc ) across the board, you could customize icons and text change to be dark or light.

New Sharing settings
The brand new Sharing settings make Configuring your computer to share (music, videos, and photos) to your smart TV. Share Bluetooth and DLNA into one easy spot.

New Parental Controls settings
Now you can keep your children safe online, block websites and Application Blacklisting ensures kids aren’t able to use unapproved apps. You also could set time limited to make sure kids can only use the computer at certain times.

Improvements to Default Apps
Loki bring a new Screenshot app and adds a few new features. Epiphany a fast and lightweight web browser become default browser app in Loki 0.4 stable. Loki ships Mail with Geary, simply called Mail. Better supports various network folders, SMB shares, etc. Music, Added new features and some bugs fixed.

Kernel 4.4
To improved hardware support Loki 0.4 stable released comes with Linux Kernel 4.4. It's mean there's support for AMD Stoney, and GPU additions for AMD's Carrizo, Tonga and Fiji processors, support for Intel processors including 6th-gen Intel Skylake and graphic.

For all new features and improvement detail in Elementary OS Loki 0.4 read their blog post Loki 0.4 stable release!. There are brand new App Store it might like Ubuntu Software Center, and another basic tips how to install elementary os you can find on their official blog there.

Elementary OS Loki 0.4 Look & Feel

This user friendly Linux Distro has their own characteristic Elementary OS look & feel, In this stable released come with new widgets, better animations and other improvements like : iconography throughout the OS, system stylesheet, switches, Slider handle etc.

New system fonts Elementary OS Loki now using Open Sans replaces Droid Sans and new monospace font for apps like Terminal and Scratch Elementary OS Loki using Roboto Mono, this make them look more modern i thought.

Download Elementary OS Loki 0.4

Elementary OS Loki 0.4 is the newest version of elementary OS (a design-oriented and open source Linux Ubuntu-based operating system). You could download Elementary OS Loki 0.4 at a pay-what-you-want price to support their developers, Download Elementary OS Loki 0.4 .

These Elementary OS short review, I like new features of Elementary OS Loki 0.4 to keep your children safe from their online activities, how about you?.


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